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Sponsorships and Donations

We want to strengthen Prairie communities in which we do business – and to do that, we need to be active participants. Peavey Mart supports our local communities and encourages participation and involvement of local folks with local causes. The need is great, so please contact us well in advance of your event since budgets may already be allocated. Peavey Mart is a proud supporter of:

  • 4-H Alberta, 4-H Saskatchewan, 4-H Manitoba, 4-H BC – North Thompson

  • Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies

  • Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies and Exhibitions

  • Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies

  • Regional specialty agricultural shows

  • United Way

Store fundraisers at the till for Easter Seals Canada, Telemiracle, Canadian Cancer Society, Wild Pink Yonder and local food banks are supported by our amazing customers who understand why we ask for their support, and who donate to these worthy causes. Peavey Mart adds a formula for matching funds to these fundraising events.

In addition, Peavey Industries supports our communities and community groups in several ways:

  • Local event sponsorship – if your event takes place in a single community, support can be considered by our local stores. Please contact your local store manager. Be prepared to send a sponsor package for consideration. 

  • Regional event product donation requests can be considered by our donations committee. Your request is required to be submitted on organization letterhead. Please send your request to the Sponsorship Committee at our Home Office in Red Deer.

  • Regional event sponsorship requests can be considered by our marketing department. Tell us how your event or membership fits with what our stores are about. 

    • We determine approvals based on our annual budget, on the proposal itself, the fit, and the opportunities it provides, and whether we are already committed to a group with a similar mission/vision/event in the same area.
    • Please note we have allocated our budget for the 2017 calendar year. You are welcome to submit for the 2018 calendar year.
    • We want to keep abreast of new developments, and be able to consider supporting newer key initiatives. To keep "fresh", we prefer limited-term sponsorship commitments.
    • If you are familiar with Peavey Mart stores, and feel your proposal would be a good fit with us, please send us something to consider. We look forward to your proposal. Email to:


Peavey Mart Community Agricultural Grant

The Peavey Mart Community Agricultural Grant awards up to $50,000 each year to local non-profit groups. The application period is March 1 - May 31 each year and the application form is available during that period at

Since 2013, more than 175 applications have been submitted by community groups from British Columbia to Manitoba. Almost $200,000 has been granted to successful applicants from Western Canada.

Whether you have a mature community group, or a great new idea that needs seed funding, as long as you meet our criteria with a focus on Agriculture, please apply between March 1 and May 31 each year.

Grant Recipients


St. Paul, Alberta - St Paul Champions for Change received a grant for a plan integrating local food with the community.


Beausejour, Manitoba - Association for Community Living received a grant for a plan to improve gardening skills among underemployed, and enhance local food capacity.

Pinawa, Manitoba - Pinawa School received a grant for a school garden.

Whitewood, Saskatchewan - Destination Whitewood received a grant for a community garden.


Stony Plain, Alberta - Young Agrarians received a grant for province-wide workshops and network events targeting the next generation of farmers.


Crossfield, Alberta - Crossfield Ag Society received a grant for their Good Food Box program.

Dawson Creek, BC - South Peace Historial Society received a grant for their permanent pioneer agriculture educational display.

Medicine Hat, Alberta - Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede received a grant for their water conservation plan.

Rockglen, Saskatchewan - Rockglen Beautifucation Committee received a grant for their Memorial Fruit Orchard.

Tomahawk, Alberta - Tomahawk & District Sports Agra Society received a grant for their farm tours for school children.

Winnipeg, Manitoba - Fort Whyte Foundation received a grant for youth urban agricultural education programs.